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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

arvixe web hosting review

Arvixe’s hosting packages are comprehensive, versatile and ideal for businesses of all sizes. The service provides both Linux and ASP .NET hosting on Windows servers for small businesses, and VPS hosting and managed dedicated servers for corporations in need of a larger web hosting platform. All of Arvixe’s plans, including the smaller packages for small and medium-sized businesses, come with unlimited bandwidth and disk space. The web hosting service also provides unlimited domains under each of its hosting packages, with the exception of its lowest priced plan, which only provides six domains.
The standout feature of the service’s hosting packages is its free domain. As long as you are a client with Arvixe, the web hosting service will pay for your domain name. This is notable because many hosting services will make you pay for your domain or will only pay for it for a limited time (e.g., one year). If you already have a website and simply want to switch web host providers, Arvixe offers free website transfer with your new account. Be aware, however, that the company places size limits on transfer sites – 5GB for sites hosted under its personal class packages and 10GB for business-class accounts.
The only thing lacking from Arvixe’s hosting packages is international domains, meaning it cannot register domain names that are available in other countries. Unless you operate a business in a foreign country, the absence of this capability shouldn’t be an issu.


 Arvixe offers an array of both basic and advanced web hosting features. When it comes to creating your site, the service provides easy-to-use site builders that are directly integrated into the host’s control panel. The service also provides a shared SSL certificate and shopping carts for eCommerce websites and one-click app installs. In fact, Arvixe offers access to a large script library that includes blogs, CMS apps and more, and that can be installed on your site in a single click. Not many web hosting services offer a script library, and access to one can help you easily create a unique and dynamic website without you having to code anything.
Once your site is published, Arvixe provides site stats that allow you to gauge your site’s performance. You can use the integrated Awstats or Webalizer software to track your site’s statistics and you can also access subdomain stats and raw access logs. Access to such information is important as it can help you pinpoint areas of your site that may need improvement.
When it comes to accessing your website to upload new content, the web hosting provider offers a handful of options, including FTP access with an unlimited number of FTP accounts, .htaccess support and secure shell (SSH) access. Arvixe also provides anonymous FTP and an FTP manager that allows you, as an administrator, to manage all of the FTP accounts.


Arvixe provides stellar web hosting services, with plans and features designed to meet a wide range of hosting needs. The service isn’t instantly straightforward and will require some hands-on effort to become familiar with how it works. Despite these nominal shortcomings, the robust functionality and all-inclusive hosting plans make Arvixe a worthy competitor in the sphere of web hosting services.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Bluehost web hosting full review

 BlueHost is a company that is specialized in shared hosting only. What make them incomparable are neither the prices nor the features that they provide. They have spent a lot of marketing forces to spread the news about their Shared Hosting VPS protection, which guaranteed fair CPU resources for every user on their server. They are promising that all the issues that come with shared hosting such as often slow website's performance, due to server overload, are left in the past. We need to agree that this is really good move and makes their services even better. They can really provide strong secure system and excellent site performance. This unique system is based on custom software that allows them to dynamically throttle accounts using more than their fair share of resources. In this way, no single account could affect the performance of other sites on the same server. If your account uses too many resources, they will temporarily throttle your account. Throttle means that your site will become slow to load instead of completely offline and inaccessible. If this abusive action continues, account deactivation is inevitable.

The truth is that if this system works as this is claimed in BlueHost's website, it is quite unique and solves almost all problems that come with shared hosting. You can read more about the software update at Matt Heaton president of Bluehost and Hostmonster official blog:

Why Choose This Company

BlueHost's goal is to provide outstanding services for the best possible price. To achieve these goals they are constantly innovating and upgrading our services at no additional cost to our customers.

They are confident they can provide you with the highest level of support with a friendly and patient support staff waiting to address your needs.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

MachoHost Full Review

MochaHost is the leader in the affordable web hosting services, and has been in business for more than 8 years. The company head quarters are based of Silicon Valley, California with satellite customer service facilities in mid-west as well as Europe the companies main data centers are located in Dallas and Houston (Texas) as well as in Chicago (Illinois). MochaHost is a privately owned company maintaining more than 1,000,000 domains - rapidly growing by taking over a major share of the shared hosting market with main competitors companies such as GoDaddy, 1and1 and HostGator.

MochaHost is a complete service company offering all types of hosting services including: Shared, Reseller, VPS and Dedicated Servers based on both Linux and Windows platform as well as offering the most popular control panels such as cPanel, WebSitePanel (WSP) and Plesk. A major advantage to all MochaHost's clients is the ability for the client to grow and upgrade from any package at any time. MochaHost can meet the web hosting growth and demands for any type of client and size of a web site.

Along with the full range of hosting service the company offers unique features such as 100% uptime network guarantee, 180 days risk free refund protection, load protection for all of their shared hosting plans, free site builder, and free lifetime domain name.

Why Choose This Company

We at Top11Hosting believe that MochaHost is a superb company and offers the end user the BEST price/value combination and the best opportunity to growth in comparison to any other hosting provider. This is why we have selected MochaHost to be listed as #1 company in all of our comparison listings

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Ipage web hosting review

Everything about this hosting plan is unlimited. That's good, because you never know how much you are going to need. Take the unlimited MySQL databases for example – as your business expands, you don't want to find yourself in need of a new database without a place to host it. Other services may limit the number of databases available to you, but iPage gives you the freedom you require. The same goes for disk space, bandwidth and email accounts. It doesn't matter how much your headcount or traffic increase – this web hosting service will always have you covered.
Unlimited webmail is all very fine, but it doesn't count for much unless the email interface is up to par. Fortunately, this web hosting service includes a powerful email interface. You can email and forward documents, set up automatic responses and even filter out spam. Best of all, this email service performs virus scans on all incoming documents before they even reach your inbox, thus minimizing chances of infecting your computer.
Currently iPage is only offering one single linux based hosting plan, suitable for personal or small business applications. If you are looking for windows and/or dedicated hosting iPage is not an option. This can be categorizes as an advantage because of the low cost but there is no opportunity to upgrade the package as your business grows. You will be recommended to migrate all your data to other hosting company in that case.
LiveChat operators are front level agents that can assist you with basic issues only but the ticket response time is 24-48 ho

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Hostgator review and discount coupon codes

HostGator is a flexible and feature-rich web hosting service that excels in terms of unlimited services, with unrestricted bandwidth and disk space. The service also provides unlimited domains, so you can host as many websites under your account as you want. Although the service is brimming with features, HostGator lacks some of the intuitiveness and usability found on our higher-ranked web hosting services. But if you are willing to spend the time and effort necessary to learn your way around the service, HostGator delivers robust hosting capabilities at an exceptional value.
HostGator offers three different hosting packages. With the exception of the lowest-priced package, each one provides the unlimited features detailed above, and the service supports international domains. With the business plan, you also get your own toll-free number and a dedicated IP address and private SSL.
When it comes to features, HostGator provides all of the general features we were looking for, including a site builder, shopping carts for eCommerce websites and easy one-click installs of popular website apps and platforms. HostGator also includes an impressive amount of email features in each of its plans. In addition to a webmail option, you can create an unlimited amount of POP3 accounts. Additional email features include email aliases, autoresponders, mailing lists, catch-alls and mail forwarding. Finally, you don’t have to worry about spam because HostGator includes Spam Assassin in each of its packages, a powerful spam protection program that effectively keeps unwanted junk emails out of your inbox.
Overall, we are impressed with HostGator’s feature set which includes some advanced features including custom cron jobs and error pages. Cron jobs refer to server tasks you can schedule to occur automatically, such as downloading email. The service, however, lacks a script library. While these features aren’t essential to web hosting, they are convenient and give advanced users more hands-on control of their website.
HostGator is a web hosting service that’s relatively easy to use, though it does require you to spend some time learning your way around the service. Not all of its features are intuitive, and it will likely take you a few minutes to learn how to navigate its interface. It’s a similar story with the service’s support; it’s good but there is definite room for improvement. On the HostGator website, you can read the frequently asked questions, browse through user forums or view video tutorials. You can also contact the company for technical support via email, live chat or toll-free telephone. While we think the company expertly strikes a balance between good help documentation and effective contact methods, we’d like to see better response times; more than once we waited to speak with a rep online and on the telephone for nearly an hour.

Why Choose This Company

Hostgator is proud with its support which is 24x7 via chat, phone, email. Their customer service opperator can provide instant solutions to most common issues or excalate them to admins via tickets. Their ticket response time is up to 72 hours.

They are confident they can provide you with the highest level of support with a friendly and patient support staff waiting to address your needs.

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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

JustHost Web hosting Review

Just Host is among one of the most affordable web hosting services in our lineup, offering comprehensive hosting packages at competitive monthly prices. The service provides many of the basic hosting components we looked for without restrictions. For instance, Just Host provides unlimited disk space, bandwidth and domains, meaning you can register as many domains as you want under your account and your websites won’t have any space or data transfer limitations. The service is subsequently a good option if you plan on starting more websites or want a site that can expand with the anticipated growth of your business. All of the service’s hosting packages also provide one free domain name, or if you have an existing site, free domain transfer.
While many web hosting providers offer either Linux or Windows hosting, Just Host has only Linux servers. The difference between the two operating systems and the functionality of their servers was once substantial, but that’s not so much the case anymore. The only reason you might have a preference for one over the other is if you work with a programmer or designer who requires a specific programming language not supported by one of the server types. If your website doesn’t necessitate such specific technical details, you don’t need to worry about something as complicated as the type of servers the provider offers.


Just Host provides all the features we were looking for in web hosting services. For starters, there are site creation tools that allow you to build a completely new site or add new site components such as blogs, image galleries or message boards to an existing site. Furthermore, the service boasts one-click app installation, meaning you can install those site components on your website in a single click. For eCommerce websites, shopping carts and shared SSL certificates are available.
Just Host also includes every email option you could possibly want, including webmail, unlimited storage, and an unlimited number of POP3 or IMAP email addresses. Additionally, you’ll have access to SMTP email, aliases, forwarding, catch-all accounts, mailing lists, autoresponders, spam protection and the ability to form mail scripts.
The hosting provider also has an administrative control panel so you can manage all of your websites from one centralized and intuitive interface. The cPanel control panel also provides access to site statistics so you can see how your site is performing and track your advertising credits. The credits allow you to place ads for your site on popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo.
If you know how to code webpages or have web design experience, you can take advantage of Just Host's advanced features that enable a more technical and hands-on approach to web hosting. You can create custom cron jobs and error pages, and the service’s script library provides free scripts you can install on your site. You can also integrate videos on your site, as Just Host supports both JavaScript and Flash.
In terms of server access, Just Host gives you the option to create unlimited additional FTP accounts, which allows other authorized users (e.g., company employees) to access your site and will ultimately help you keep pace with the unpredictable and often rapid growth many websites experience. It also provides secure shell (SSH) access, a network protocol that allows data to be exchanged using a secure channel between two networked devices. In other words, it’s a secure way to connect remotely to another computer. In regard to web hosting, SSH is useful because it enables you to execute commands on a remote host or computer.

Why Choose This Company

With all of Just Host's plans you have the ability to host as many domains as you wish in your cPanel account. This means you have the luxury of managing all of your websites from one place and all on the same server.

Just Host promises its customers 99.9% network uptime. They are so concerned about uptime that they set up their own company to monitor people's uptime for them called Just Uptime. All Just Host's servers are monitored by Just Uptime.

Just Host's prices are incredibly competitive and every plan includes an incredible list of features including unlimited disk space, unlimited transfers, unlimited email accounts and the ability to host unlimited domains.


Just Host is a relatively young web hosting service, but they have already learned the crucial necessity of wide-ranging customer service. The company’s stellar and responsive customer support, in conjunction with its comprehensive hosting packages and rich features, clinch Just Host’s top spot among the best web hosting services on the market.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Top and Best web Hosting Services

Every day thousands of people come on the internet and Billion of peoples from world access the internet,due to this numbers of websites are increasing day by day.People needs information about how to make a site,how to buy domain,how to host site,etc.

In this race no one has time to do research and rush around the net finding about this,so here you will find reviews,news and promotion about the best web host services.


Go Daddy




Network Solutions